2016: Mission Accomplished
A message from our President, Steve Kaller:
2016 has been a very exciting and overall positive year! 
We have seen many changes in lifestyle and design in homes.
The economy is getting better with employment and wages for California getting back on track.
As an industry, our passion, devotion, ethics, caring and high level of customer service is heartwarming and vital to all of our success.
2017 promises to be a VERY GOOD YEAR!
I look forward to all of us being highly successful by reaching our personaland business goals.
From all of us at Ultimate, we wish you a fantastic start to the new year!
Ultimate was growing, learning and serving in 2016
Learning how to close more homes faster by putting the customer first at
Jeff Shore’s Closing 2.0 Conference in October
with Jeff Shore himself! (pictured center)
Avove: Quarterly Management Retreat in July
where we set the course for success!
Above: Celebrating excellence and achievement at
both the
2016 SoCal Awards (above)
& ICON awards (below) in September
Below: Celebrating the Silver Award for
Marketing Professional of the Year at the
IBS The Nationals in Las Vegas in January
Below: Having a great time at the
BIA OC Membership Dinner in March
Below: Volunteering with the Salvation Army in December to help families in need..
 in both San Diego…
…..and in Orange County!
Wishing you continued success in 2017,
Steve Kaller, CEO & President
714-632-7444 ext 15 | srk@unhs.com