Back-to-Back National Finalists – Sales Person of the Year

Sales Person of the Year: Back – to Back National Finalists

2103: Steve Merryman


2014: Debbie Farrell

Only 6 people are selected nationwide to complete as finalists for Sales Person of the Year.  Ultimate has had finalists back-to-back in 2013 and 2014. How does this happen? It doesn’t happen by accident. This is achieved by true professional sales people. Both Steve and Debbie accomplished outstanding results in very challenged market locations these past two years.

To accomplish these kinds of results is like winning a marathon. Anyone can sprint 100 yards. Running a marathon takes commitment, passion, discipline, perseverance and practice.  Selling each home throughout the year is another step in the race, and while no race is the same, achieving the ultimate goal is the same: crossing the finish line.

Winning requires a combination of disciplines: the science and art of selling, dedication of studying and understanding what their buyer wants and needs.  It is obvious Ultimate new Home Sales People are doing something different. They run each marathon to win!

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