Selling at 6 sales/week – while Raising Prices!

You did not read that wrong. 
Yes, 12 homes have been sold in just the last TWO weeks!
And, prices were increased during sales!!!
At The Colony at Azusa, built by Far West Industries,
the quality of the home and spec level, beauty of the street scene, and functionality of the floor plans  has incredible appeal to the buyer profile.
PMA Advertising has done an excellent job in driving traffic to the community.
Supported by Far West’s Sales & Marketing Manager Karen Newcomb and UNHS VP Sales & Marketing Shawn EssexUNHS Sales Counselor Steve Sullivan consistently achieves great sales success week after week, despite many challenges that Steve is put in front of.
While the community is invisible from the street and passing traffic (it is hidden behind and below an existing building), the community also has significant edge conditions.
It is bordered on one side with high tension lines, and on another side by a self storage company.
Entrance to The Colony:
Why do we mention this?
Because our success wasn’t an accident.
These are just some of the challenges that
UNHS Sales Counselor Steve Sullivan,
thrives on and continues to overcome
on a daily basis in order to keep the
sales momentum rolling,
selling 12 homes in just the past TWO weeks,
all while raising prices!!​
Steve Sullivan, UNHS Sales Counselor at The Colony
UNHS continues to outsell their competitors,
maintaining higher monthly absorption rates,
even in challenged markets.
            “It’s sales momentum that provides these results.
            It is the science and art of selling that makes the difference. Sales momentum does not just happen, it is created.
 “Our congratulations to Steve Sullivan for his consistent outstanding sales achievements!”
 -Steve Kaller, President, UNHS
The Colony at Azusa, built by Five Star builder Far West Industries, is led by President Scott Lissoy. The spot on marketing provided by Paul Mahoneyof PMA Advertising continues to bring great traffic to the hard-to-locate community.
Far West Industries, PMA Advertising and the UNHS Sales Team have truly worked together as a team, overcoming obstacles with excellent marketing and product execution, resulting in
strong sales success at The Colony at Azusa.
It is no wonder so many people are choosing to buy at The Colony!
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About the Builder:
For nearly 35 years, Far West Industries has earned the trust of thousands of home-buyers.
President Scott Lissoy ensures that home-buyers take comfort in visiting Far West Industries’ communities to experience the integrity and ingenuity of their homes. Their record of excellence begins and ends with their buyers. From elegant designs and quality craftsmanship, to personal one-on-one service, Far West has home-buyers complete satisfaction in mind with every home they build. It’s this tradition of trust that has established Far West Industries as one of the most respected builders in all of Southern California.
To learn more about Far West Industries, please click here.
UNHS is proud to serve Far West Industries
and their home buyers.​​
Steven Kaller, President
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