Beachwalk at Cassidy in Oceanside


There’s a sense of peace and romance as the panorama unfolds around you. The rising or setting sun casting magical hues across a wide swath of ocean. Imagine days beginning and ending at this magical place, just a quick walk from your sophisticated new condominium home at Beachwalk at Cassidy. Located in the city of Oceanside, one of the most desirable and captivating areas of California, you will cultivate new interests, dine in style, discover fun places to shop, and enjoy the more casual and carefree lifestyle that the neighboring beach naturally promotes.

Oceanside is a vibrant and scenic coastal community comprised of numerous recreational opportunities that inspire outdoor adventures.

Be as casual as you want to be, there’s always a little sand in your hair. Always a relaxing sea breeze wafting through the window at your beautiful new Beachwalk at Cassidy condominium home.