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​​Are you a manager, leader, or principal of your company?
As we move into Q3 and the 2nd half of 2016,
have you ever wondered…

“Every top performing professional, be they be in business, sports, the arts etc, have coaches to assist them in reaching their highest potential. I invest in my people and I invest in Shawna Schuh. Shawna is gifted with the innate ability to tune into each person’s specific needs to reach their top performance.

If you are passionate about your career and your personal life goals, Shawna will provide you the methodology to reach them.”
–Steven Kaller, CEO & President
Ultimate New Home Sales & Marketing, Inc.


                                Designed uniquely for you
                                Help breaking through limiting beliefs
                                Advocacy to streamline your processes
                                Clarification of goals
                                Clearer communication, leadership
                                Build consistency in business practices
                                Improve listening skills & habits
“Shawna allowed me to reexamine the way I think and lead others. The process is so powerful, it says something that I can say, as a CEO, that unequivocally, coaching with Shawna will move you to the next level.”
–JoAnne Williams, CEO,
JWilliams Staffing
“Working with Shawna from a coaching perspective has made me a better leader. It’s truly amazing to see how quickly those simple changes in focus moves you from a follower to a leader.”
–Michael E Fincer, Senior Manager
Deloitte Tax LLP
“The most successful people have had a coach to guide them to reach their true potential. Shawna Schuh has mentored me, believed in me, and challenged me to be more. When you stop to think about it…Coaching with Shawna Schuh just makes sense.”
–Kevin Dier
Johnstone Supply
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