Hollywood is on Fire!

UNHS sells THREE homes at 
The Gatsby Hollywood in just ONE week!!
The Gatsby is now 50% sold after
JUST six weeks of being open.
 Something has put the spotlight on The Gatsby Hollywood
and has brought the community great success.
What is that something?
Sales Momentum.
Sales Momentum doesn’t just happen. It is created.
Sales Momentum starts with a great pre-sale campaign, created by an exceptional collaboration of professionals.
At the Gatsby, it started with a five-star builder, Far West Industries,led by President Scott Lissoy.
The spot-on marketing provided by Paul Mahoney of PMA Advertising and the truly professional sales team of Ultimate New Home Sales & Marketing, Sales Counselor Danielle Walker-Beck and VP of Sales & Marketing Shawn Essex, have continued to keep the sales momentum rolling.
Danielle created remarkable sales momentum
during her pre-sale campaign.
Using UNHS gorilla sales tactics, she set up a
“sales office” on the sidewalk outside the community in
Hollywood to begin pre-selling homes before they were built.
Because of the highly renowned reputation Far West Industries has for quality and finite attention to detail of their homes,
and because of Danielle’s outstanding professionalism and commitment, 
she was able to sell homes, without a model, from the “sales office” on the sidewalk, during our pre-sale campaign!
Danielle has kept this exceptional sales momentum going.
With traffic averaging less than 20 per week, she sold THREE homes in 7 days just last week!  WOW!
What an outstanding achievement by an excellent
sales counselor at an exceptional community.​
The Gastby Hollywood by Far West Industries
 For nearly 35 years, Far West Industries has earned the trust of thousands of home-buyers.
President Scott Lissoy ensures that home-buyers take comfort in visiting Far West Industries’ communities to experience the integrity and ingenuity of their homes. Their record of excellence begins and ends with their buyers. From elegant designs and quality craftsmanship, to personal one-on-one service, Far West has home-buyers complete satisfaction in mind with every home they build. It’s this tradition of trust that has established Far West Industries as one of the most respected builders in all of Southern California.
UNHS is proud to serve Far West Industries
and their home-buyers.​​
Steven Kaller, President SRK@unhs.com | www.unhs.com