• VP Market Research

  • jusik@verizon.net

  • 714-632-7444

  • 30+ Years in the Industry

  • Expertise: market research, planning, product segmentation and position , sales/marketing management

  • Former Experience: Centex Homes, Forecast Homes

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Email: jusik@verizon.net

Judy Usik

Judy brings over 30 years of market research, planning, product segmentation and position and sales and marketing management to Ultimate New Home Sales and Marketing, Inc.

Judy worked at Centex Homes for 12 years where she was both the Sales and Marketing Director and Marketing Manager.  At Centex Homes, Judy’s responsibilities included every aspect of the sales and marketing of new homes, from land acquisition to product development, to pricing, sales and close-out of the communities.

Judy was Director of Market Research at Forecast Homes for 5 years and covered 40 markets throughout Northern and Southern California, as well as Phoenix and the greater Arizona area.  Her skills were utilized for land acquisition, product development, pricing, sales and marketing strategies and market trends.

At Ultimate New Home Sales & Marketing for over a decade, she was the Director of Forward Planning and a VP Sales & Marketing, handling several neighborhoods from market research stage to product development, pricing, hiring sales personnel, sales, and close of escrow.

Judy is currently our VP Market Research, providing her extensive and detailed reports for Ultimate for over 20 markets throughout Southern California.

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