Ultimate selling out lake front community in... Anaheim!
How? By helping buyers Buy Now!

Lakehouse, Brandywine Homes’ luxury community in Anaheim,
opened just five months ago.
Ultimate created sales momentum by establishing a sense of urgency and the need to ‘buy now‘.
Combined with the exceptional quality and fit and finishes of this Brandywine community, Ultimate Sales Counselor Cynthia Cassis has skillfully increased pricing over the past few months during both phase releases and demonstrations of the many featured water views and lot premiums at Lakehouse.
Two weeks before Christmas, Ultimate Sales Counselor Cynthia
sold one of the model homes at Lakehouse!
Who said you can’t sell homes during the holidays?
Thank you Brandywine Homes for doing it again, providing veteran leadership, purchasing a beautiful site and building a first-class, quality home that is fun to live in!
The spot-on marketing provided by p11 creative and the professional salespeople, Cynthia Cassis and her VP, Shawn Essex, from Ultimate New Home Sales and Marketing, Inc., made these homes truly stand out to home buyers and sell so quickly.
 At Lakehouse, 19 homes are sold  –
that is a steady, solid pace of four sales a month!

Homebuyer Success Story:
​​​​​​​Our newest homebuyer had been looking for a new home for almost a year without luck and had resigned to continue to rent.

However, they decided to try just one more time after endless search of not finding ‘the perfect home’ – what they thought they wanted and needed.
Then, they discoverd Lakehouse.
Intrigued, they figured they’d go to the community and take a look.
Utilizing Ultimate training and its core “Ultimate-isms”- treat every prospect as if you were welcoming an old friend into your home– Cynthia did just that.
The buyers said that due to Cynthia’s warm welcome, comprehensive demonstration of the beautiful homes and excellent floor plans, as well as the view of the lake, and Cynthia really, truly listening to the their questions about the home, the community and surrounding area, Cynthia earned their trust and really sold them on the home the whole way through.
Aerial shot of Lakehouse in Anaheim
Even when Cynthia noticed the buyers seemed focused on only one home, the model, she continued her discovery. With some last direct questions, she affirmed they had their hearts set on the model.
Our buyers couldn’t have been happier to have found and purchased their new home and end their search!
Their new home at Lakehouse
Ultimate brings together sales skills, trust, builder demonstrations and trul creates momentum to get homebuyers to buy now !
Want to see these kinds of results for your community?
Call Ultimate today!
About the Builder:
Brandywine Homes has been a leader for over 20 years in new home building in Southern California.
Brandywine Homes, a family-owned and operated business of over 20 years, is a new home builder and community developer specializing in revitalizing Southern California’s most beloved hometowns. With a leadership team of over 60 years of combined experience, Brandywine’s principled approach to the quality, location and community around their homes sets them apart in our industry and Ultimate is honored to partner with them at Lakehouse and several other communities.
For more information about Brandywine Homes, please click here
Ultimate is privileged and pleased to serve
Brandywine Homes and their home-buyers.
Wishing you continued success,
Steve Kaller, CEO & President, Ultimate New Home Sales & Marketing, Inc.
714-632-7444 ext. 15 | srk@unhs.com