• Corporate Broker, Sr. VP Land Acquisition

  • lsr@unhs.com

  • 714-632-7444 ext. 14

  • 40+ Year in the Industry

  • Accolades: San Gabriel Valley Board of Realtors (now known as Citrus Valley): Director – 1977, President – 1983; Broker’s License – 1977; Title License -2009; BIA SC – Baldy View Chapter: served as/on: Vice Chairman of Membership, Executive Committee 2007 – 2009, Board of Directors 2010 – 2011, Legislative Affairs Committee, Membership Committee.

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Email: lsr@unhs.com

Larry Roybal

Larry S. Roybal is a 30 year resident of South Orange County, California and has been an active real estate broker for over 40 years.
He joined Ultimate New Home Sales & Marketing, Inc. as their Corporate Broker / Sr Vice President of  Land Acquisition in 2014.

He has worked in all sectors of the business world. That being the Private Sector (R&R Consulting and Investments), Government Sector (FDIC and RTC), Corporate Sector (Verex Assurance, Inc. PMI) and Stewart Title Company.  In the early seventies (1979-1983) he served as Director, Treasurer, Vice President and finally President of the West San Gabriel Board of Realtors.  While working for Stewart Title Larry had the esteem honor of sitting on various committee boards with BIA Baldy View Chapter on the Legislative Affairs Committee, Membership Committee, Vice Chairman Membership, Executive Committee and Board of Director from 2001 to 2011.

Larry’s goals include aligning new and existing home builder clients with opportunities that fit their land acquisition criteria and assist in the entitlement process through closing. He ensures that the company is compliant with all DRE issues and introduces any new legislation from CAR or NAR that effect sales staff in their day to day activity.

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