We’re Feelin’ Lucky because…

We are sure feeling lucky at Ultimate…
Another fantastic ULTIMATE community is now SOLD OUT!
Success at any New Home community is due to
an exceptional collaboration of professionals.
The sales success at Keeneland Estates began with the fantastic builder team of Crestwood Communities.  
As Keeneland Estates is nestled between an older home neighborhood and a nursery,  PMA Advertising & Public Relations  provided targeted advertising and drove great traffic to the community.
The truly professional sales team, UNHS Sales Counselor Linda Bowen, supported by UNHS VP Sales & Marketing Liz Grisamore, kept the sales momentum rolling each week until sell out!
UNHS Sales Counselor Linda also received the GSMC’s latest Sales Professional of the Quarter Award for her work at Keeneland Estates!
Way to go Linda!
The homes at Keeneland Estates had incredible appeal to the buyer profile.
As a result, sales at Keeneland began during construction, 
before any models were completed.

Using UNHS guerrilla sales tactics, Linda set up a
“sales office” on the sidewalk outside the community in
Ontario to begin pre-selling homes
before they were built!!!

Linda held dusty shoe tours of the property, creating a sense of urgency and excitement, turning prospects into buyers.

Linda used exclusivity and uniqueness to turn her prospects into buyers during presale, saving thousands of dollars in model and marketing costs.
Keeneland Estates is now 
It has truly been a team effort by Ultimate New Home Sales & Marketing, Crestwood Communities and PMA Advertising & Public Relations,
in achieving great sales success at Keeneland Estates.
UNHS is doing something very differently, CONSISTENTLY!!
About the Builder:
“Four Generations Of Our Family Building Homes For Your Family”
Crestwood Communities isn’t just a family-owned company; it’s a company that feels a lot like family. Crestwood continues to build quality single-family homes that blend innovative design, stylish architecture and preferred amenities to enhance each carefully selected community setting.
Crestwood owes its success to a team of talented and caring individuals experienced in every aspect of homebuilding, including several who have been with the company for 30 years. Blending a high degree of professionalism with a strong work ethic, this dedicated team is at the heart of every quality home that Crestwood Communities builds.
For more about Crestwood Communities, please click here.
Ultimate is proud to serve Crestwood Communities
and their home buyers.
Steven Kaller, President
714-632-7444  |  SRK@unhs.com  |  www.unhs.com